Friday, October 23, 2015

Sophisticated Tunnel Used for Trafficking Drugs Discovered on Mexico-US Border.

A sophisticated  tunnel which is used to traffic large quantity of drugs, marijuana from Mexico to USA was discovered on Wednesday. This happens to be the longest and more sophisticated tunnel ever found on both countries border.

The passage is said to be about 2,600 feet long and 9feet deep. The tunnel is ventilated and built with metals beams to prevent it from collapsing.

"Mexican authorities said on Thursday they seized about 10 tons of marijuana in an elaborate tunnel with a rail car system that extended well into San Diego and was designed to smuggle drugs into the U.S. from Tijuana."

However, it has not been ascertain if any drug got through the tunnel into the United States.

Arrest has been made by Mexican Police  and about 16 people are in custody according a press release about the tunnel. Those arrested also disclosed that they are connected to a criminal group operation known as Jalisco New Generation cartel, which controls that part of western Mexico.

The police took the group by surprise when they invaded their warehouse with a search warrant and made arrest of about 21-50 people but no one was hurt.

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