Thursday, October 29, 2015

Suspended Civil Servants Chairman Writes an Appealing Speech to The State Governor.


His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa,
Mr. Mike Okeme, Special Adviser to the Governor on Labour.
Mr. Okonta, the Director to the S.A on Labour.
Press men and women present
All protocol duly observed:

May I humbly on behalf of the entire suspended civil servants of Delta State origin, congratulate His Excellency Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, on his outstanding victory at the election petition tribunal. My amiable Special Adviser to the Governor on Labour, Mr. Mike Okeme, a great freedom fighter whom is known with his excellent performance as a technocrat who is always ready for the upright of his people, as a great " Aluta General".

We are indeed grateful for the wisdom behind this great day; you proposed to foster a lasting positive solution to our ill suspension. We are aware that His Excellency Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, is a man with a great heart, that meant well for all Deltans, whom want the best for her citizens and always stand firm on his ground regarding any issue that will take away the little resources available for Deltans. Our Governor is indeed ready to block any loophole in which any one being a government top official or private enterpreneur not to siphone State funds, based on this ; His Excellency, has took certain harsh decisions which absolutely affected the suspended civil servants; which he tagged " Fraudulent Recruitment Exercise" thus, this is far from the gospel truth, as the Civil Service Commission ( CSC ), advertised, we applied, we were short-listed for the then interview, which we passed. Hence, appointment letters were issued to Deltans whom passed the interview.

We are also aware of the financial posture in the State due to poor State allocation from the Federation Account, dwindling crude oil price at the international Market and fabulous Sixty Thousand Work-Force. Let me use this medium to commend His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, once more for his prompt action to ascertain the real Figures of Delta State Workforce by belting on the screening exercise ongoing via all Delta-State Government Workers; I bet you sir, if His Excellency did not summit to any corrupt advise from any of his subordinates and his close associates, you will realize that the ghost workers would amount to twenty thousand and above, this however, can only be achieved if the Company handling the screening exercise " HECKERBELLA LIMITED ", should refused to accept files from top government officials whom brings files privately for screening which is not their personal files. These Ghost Workers belong to some Cartels in the Civil Service and top government appointees and by God's grace this would soon be exposed.

We challenge the contractor HECKERBELA Limited handling the screening exercise to come out with her findings so far with the Ministry's they are done with, to speeding a chance in which fresh blood can be injected into the system by filling the vacuum which the ghost workers have being occupying, this would also help the government to cut down the wage bill of the State drastically; that will enable His Excellency to embark on infrastructural development and to boot the Skill Acquisition and Agricultural Agenda, He professed to Deltans.

With all these hurdles , we are aware that our Governor is not a "Chicken Hearted Person". That was why vast majority of us queued behind Him even when the tide was high, and most of us who queued behind Him, followed his footsteps to be brave and this led to winning convincingly in the April General Election.

Due to this reason, we have decided to use all rational means to appeal to the government; to reinstate us speedily in order to add fresh knowledge into the system, our distinguished Governor; we know you are up to the task sir. We also know the bravery our Governor, distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, his mandate was about to be stolen, he stood firm to retrieve our mandate given to Him. So, similarly, the suspended Civil Servants would not rest until our snatched meal is been given to us soon . We are passionately appealing for His Excellency Sen. Dr. A. Ifeanyi Okowa to hearken to our cry, because we are lavishing in pains and agony. It is alarming that we still feed from our "Aged Parents Pot" , that are supposed to be depending on us after suffering in training us to Higher School of Learning but the reverse is the case.

Does His Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, want us to become terrorists or set of kidnappers after voting for Him? We all know the answer is capital NO, as a father, our amiable governor, the Ekwueme 1 of Africa , cannot say yes, henceforth, we are humbly appealing to the Governor to find a place in his heart to reverse the suspension he placed on the newly recruited Civil Servants as most of us resigned from their previous petty jobs to pick up this appointment with the intension of serving our great State. Unfortunately, very large number of the suspended civil servants had moved from their state(s) of engagement to their home State, after securing this job, some borrowed money to rent houses, bought clothes to suit their new profession as a civil servant but suddenly, barely 24 hours after taking oath of office, His Excellency sent duly employed citizens back to the streets.

Your Excellency, we could not bear the shock, hence we are pleading to You, kindly Touch Yourself to absolve us the Genuine Deltans back as sacrifices which God and Nature shall give you back in double fold.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long live Delta State!!
Long live Nigeria Labour Congress!!!

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