Thursday, October 29, 2015

Testimony Line: My Brother's Daughter ate the Poisoned Food, he Prepared for me.

My name is Ibrahim Bello; I am from Cameroun, from a fanatical Muslim background. I came to Lagos from Cameroun after the completion of my Arabic Studies to serve my biological brother who was into goats business in AlabaRago.

Few weeks ago, I met a Winner's brother in my area that ministered to me; he gave me flyer and a tract and invited me to attend Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land. That was my first time of attending church. At  Faith Tabernacle, I gave my life to Jesus. This brother also bought some Bishop's messages for me which became my daily companion. And from then I stopped going to the Mosque for prayers. I also noticed that I could no longer pray in Arabic language anymore. My brother who I was serving and staying with noticed I had stopped attending prayers at the Mosque and confronted me. I told him I have found a new faith in Christ. He, then drove me out from the house. He also informed our relatives in Cameroun of my new faith and my father instructed him to eliminate me claiming that by killing me they will all have a part with Mohamed and they will also receive reward in heaven.

On Friday, the week he drove me out was the day of Salah, my brother called me to come back to the house that they have prepared a meal for me, and not knowing that they had poisoned the food. However, on getting home, I found one of their daughters had gone ahead eating the supposed food, I was furious at her for eating the food, when I challenged her, she started vomiting blood. She was rushed to the hospital where she eventually died the same day. Immediately, the Seriki of the area called the police and I was arrested and remained in the detention waiting to be transferred to Kirikiri before been charged to the court.

While waiting for my trial, I will oray to God that if this new faith is true why then can't God come to help and vindicate me. Then the God of \Bishop David Oyedepo showed up on my behalf. The Holy Spirit went to trouble my brother's wife and she began to confess. The Monday, the day I was to be Charged to court, the Seriki that got me arrested rushed down to the police station early in the morning and informed the police about my innocence, claiming that the parents of the child poisoned the food. I was however vindicated and released, and my brother and his wife were charged for killing their own daughter.

I want to return all the glory back to the God of Oyedepo for my new life and for my deliverance.
Bro.Ibrahim Bello.

What's your testimony? Let the world get to read about and know that God still answers prayer. You never can tell, the souls that will be saved by sharing the wondrous work of God in your life. Hurry now and send yours to Cheers!

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