Friday, October 23, 2015

Wow! Drake Pays Homage to MaryMary Star Hit Song 'I luh God.'

Drake finally released his summer hit track video “Hotline Bling” this week and its been causing quite a booze on the internet, generating all kinds of memes and vines. In the video Drake is two stepping and bopping along, more like 'dad dancing.' Earlier this year, Kanye West proved that nothing is funnier than a rapper that seems so serious all the time, breaking out into dance moves.

His moves literally takes the phrase “dance like no one is watching” to a whole other level which spawned the #Drakeisalwaysonbeat hashtag. And It got me all smiling like 3mins into play. It is some serious dancing in his own world.

However, it got whole lot interesting when one of  Drake vines!  payed homage to Mary Mary star Erica Campbell’s  controversial hit “I Luh God.” From the looks of it, so does Drake, you can to watch the 14seconds video on wetv.

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  1. Wow! Many thanks for sharing this...I had never heard of Drake before - yes, I know, I'm pretty out of touch! *smiles*
    Seriously though, this really is amazing...:)