Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Thousand Way to Love a Woman.

'Love! Love!! Love!!! is a beautiful thing thing,' I know the song of D'banj 'Scapegoat' came into your mind. Well, I don't think it has got to get to that extent to show a woman how much you love her. Remember, actions they say 'speaks louder than words.' But don't be carried away with the actions because women are moved by what they hear. It wasn't said by me, I grew up with that knowledge just like you did lol!

Ladies, have you ever witnessed a scenario of a man expressing his love to his woman  and making sure it is  a beautiful memory she will cherish forever? Hmm! And you may probably wish it could be you and me too.

I intend making this a series with your help. Let's learn about the different ways a man can love his woman right. But for today; its about giving GIFTS, It doesn't have to be her birthday or special occasion, neither does it have to be expensive. Go for what you can afford but give gifts, that makes women believe, you are thinking about them. Gentlemen if you need help working within your limit and getting the right gift, then, kindly click here.
If you can afford to do it this way, why not?
But never go beyond what you can afford. Its not about the gift but about who is giving the gift and his intention. Best of luck. So, how can/do a man love a way. Kindly send any brilliant view/way(s)/opinion to, or Let's help our gentlemen to get it right. Cheers!

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