Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Be a Tree, bear fruit. Not a weed, taking space." - Nathaniel Bassey.

I got on the song Minister Twitter page and those powerful words and many more hit a deep core in my heart. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why there's so much evil in the world, despite the increase in the number of churches? Well, I have and I appreciate God because it's better we have more churches than shrines. However, there's need to help spread the gospel. You got saved, help someone too to be saved. Read what he wrote on church denomination after the cut..

* Dear church denomination, The church next door is not your competitor òr rival. But a kingdom partner & co-labourer.

* Dear music minister, spend more time promoting Jesus and his kingdom than you do yourself. No one promotes like God. And he'll promote you.

* You are guaranteed to BECOME whatever you BEHOLD constantly.

Think on these words and you'll realize there's need to spread the gospel.

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