Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fans Think it Strange Ben Carson is Leading in Debate.

The Republican Presidential candidate is currently leading in most of the debate, which some fans consider to be strange with all the accusations and allegations being thrown at him. He has practically over-taken Donald Trump who seems to be unbeatable before now. He is leading in state polls even as the first primaries for the 2016 elections draw closer.

In excitement the former neurosurgeon shared this post  written by Barry Bennett, his Campaign Manager,   on Facebook.
"Dr Carson is once again the big winner as chosen by the millions of Americans tonight on social media. The most new Facebook friends, the most mentions on Twitter and the best trend on Google.

All of that and another million dollars raised tonight. 6 million in just November so far.

Dr Carson was strong on economic policy but most importantly most likable. No one laid a glove on him. He undoubtedly walked off the stage tonight as he walked the most popular candidate in America of either party. 

He is the Uniter America has yearned for. "

Inspite of all the hustle and bustle the proud grandfather still finds time to bond with his granddaughter Tesora Carson, who is also playing a major in helping prep for his debate speech, even though you may not want to believe that.

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