Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Five Reasons you Need to Quit Your Job!

Its another week almost coming to an end and I wonder if you're asked how was your day at work? What your response will be. Many people please permit me to say, are or will be working in the least place they ever wanted to be. If you think otherwise; try asking secondary school students what they wished to become tomorrow, none or few will say "teacher." But when tomorrow comes, some of them will be begging or bribing to have the teaching job. I do understand the need to keep surviving but not at the detriment of your health. So, there are jobs you need to quit before they quit you. My dear course mate Ruddy can tell you more about it, if I can convince her.

1) You work and someone else keeps taking the credit and money: yeah! 'Monkey dey work, bamboo dey chop' or you work like an elephant and eat like an ant are the proverbs to make you realise that the food an ant eats will never sustain the strength of an elephant.

2) When your salary is not equivalent to the job you do: money the bible says is a defense. So, when you work and your salary is nothing but peanut and barely meet your daily needs, then you lack defense. If a job can't sustain you, its not worth it.

3) Unproductive and inefficiency: this mostly arise from point two. It is very difficult to be productive in a work you lack interest in or hardly get paid based on your input.

4) When your boss don't encourage workers: there are bosses who are ready to work a man like an horse and still ride on him/her, even in weariness. Yet no water(bonuses) will be offered to quench the thirst (to care for your needs) then its time to quit. Because at the end, you maybe become too weary to take another step and will be discarded by the road side and a fresh ride will be picked.

5) When there's no satisfaction: if you've experienced any of the reasons I've written, there's no way you will be satisfied. And if you don't take a bold step, you may end up loosing your peace of mind.

NB: I wish to use this medium to apologise again for my inconsistency. Honestly, schooling, working and blogging  aren't an easy combination, hence the need to stay away some times. Thanks for sticking around. I'm most grateful. Do have a fruit bearing day and may God's presence never depart from us all. Cheers!

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  1. hmmmm... in dis country where people are saying there is no job... the risk is worth taking if you ve oda plans sha.... cos u can't just quit a job and go and sit @ home

    in oda news...i nominated you for the gratitude challenge

    favourmoyse blog