Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Hey Mistress! Pull it Together, You're Better than Being his Fool..." - Prophetess Terra Carrisa Hodges.

The International inspirational speaker, Prophetess Terra Carissa Hodges took to her Facebook page to air her views about women that chooses to go after other women's husbands. And I agree with her 100%.

 "#MinistryEverywhere #Mistress: You didn't get her man, you got her mistake. Just ran into a classmate at Target. She immediately began venting to me about her boyfriend's wife...(please catch what I just said).

She said: me and my man need prayer, please pray for us. I said: yes you do #Ladies, it's 2015, please stop being gullible. 2 Timothy 3 calls a woman who believes everything she hears a #Sillywoman. Where is your discernment? Don't you know a man will lie on his wife just to get you to lay with him? Don't you know for everything a man is telling you his wife isn't doing, she has a list of things she can call the roll on concerning what he's not doing too? Don't think you're out doing the wife. Because God frowns on adultery, at the end of the road, you may just realize you've only out done yourself.

Don't think so? Ask the mistress who's still waiting on the husband to leave his wife; Ask the mistress who later became the wife but now sees the personification of the scripture, DO NOT be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man soweth, THAT will he reap, Galatians 6:7. If he will cheat with you, he'll cheat on you. You can't sow wrong and expect to reap right, so do not allow the enemy to deceive you into sowing seeds against yourself. The Bible says, sin is pleasurable for a season, but its wages is death. And for my sisters who think you've "won," you didn't get her man, you got her mistake. A man that can be taken is not a prize to brag on but a problem to brace yourself for. You're better than playing second fiddle. You're better than having to compete. Pull it together sis! You're better than being his fool."

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