Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life Experience: A Young Girl of 16 Was Severally Wounded by her Aunt for Refusing to Bath Naked Outside their Home..

A young girl (name with-held ) of 16years old was severally wounded by her aunt yesterday, 25th of  Nov, 2015 in Amukpe, Sapele  for refusing to take her bath naked outside their home. She used wood to hit the child's head and bite her on her back in three different places.  She later took the girl for treatment in a chemist within the area.

When the young girl was asked why she chose to stay with her aunt despite the ill treatment she melted upon her; she said, her mother is late and she knows not who her father is. She was living happily with her mother in Lagos before her demise, which led to her relocating to live with the aunt. And she had been treated more like a slave by her rather than a niece.

She further narrated that there are days, her aunt will starve her and lock her up in the house. Last week Friday and Sunday she was forced to beg passer-by to help buy bread and mineral for her to eat because there was no way to get out of the house.

Presently, some of the neighbours have called on the Community Chairman of Amukpe, Mr Believe Edeki to intervene in searching for other members of the girl's mother's family, especially her not knowing who her father's is. Hopefully, someone will step up to take responsibility for the girl.

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