Saturday, November 21, 2015

RE: Sapele Women Protests Against Okowa by the SA on Social Media.

RE: Sapele Women Protests Against Okowa

"The Delta state official social media, wishes to clear the air as regards the protest carried out by some paid elements who do not wish the state well, in Sapele due to the revocation of illegally allocated stalls which is being circulated presently in different social media outlets/platforms/groups. It is funny that a protest of widows was led by a man. This gives credence to the fact that this protesters where out on a mission, to destroy, tarnish and bring to a disrepute the people oriented administration of Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa.

It is pertinent to note here that after proper consultations and investigations with relevant bodies as regards due process, the Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa led administration saw it proper to revoke all allocated stalls. This was because these stalls were hijacked by a prominent Sapele figure, who sponsored this protest, and allocated to his loyalists as against those who direly need it. And this should not be so, would not be so and under no circumstance shall this administration allow it to be so!!!

This administration would not be cajoled, intimidated or blackmailed to go against the wishes and desires of the larger populace to please a microscopic few whose intentions are questionable."

Godspower Omfuvwe Asiuwhu
Special Assistant to the Governor on Social Media.

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