Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sports Activities in Brussels - Europe Cancelled over Threat of Terrorists Attack.

The world has been reduced to living in fear of when and where the next terror will hit. As a result, maximum security alert has become the greatest measure to take to protect the lives of human from the 'The Craft of Humans.'

This has led to Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort to order the cancellation of all activities in public buildings, shopping malls, markets and competitive sports after the terror alert in the Belgian capital was raised to the highest level, according to

Vervoort's decision means there will not be any sporting activities in Brussels' 19 municipalities.

The terrorist threat in Brussels was raised based on information regarding the risk of an attack similar to last week's tragedy in Paris.

Latest figures from French officials report 130 people were killed and several more remain in critical condition after what appeared to be coordinated terror acts in the French capital, with the Stade de France among the sites targeted during the international friendly between France and Germany.

"The objective of the measurement is to allow us to deploy police forces elsewhere in order to guarantee the safety of the people of Brussels," Vervoort said when discussing his decision at a news conference.

The minister-president's ruling comes after the Pro League match between Lokeren and Anderlecht had been postponed.

"Considered a risky game, Lokeren had to call in staff from Brussels," read an official Pro League statement. "But given the increase in the terrorist threat to the maximum level in the capital, they cannot be moved to Lokeren."

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