Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stop in your Track Look of Donnie McClurkin at 56.

The gospel super-star, Rev. Donnie McClurkin is due in Ghana for Gospel Music Cruise, "IMPACT 2015" from 29th Nov to 6th of  Dec, 2015.

And just in time to lend his voice with a host of other gospel minister on the 4th of Dec at 'The Experience 2015' a time and place to worship God with the 'House on the Rock Family,'

Now, we all know what it takes to keep fit, especially at 56. So, all you young gentlemen got no reason to be walking around with those protruding stomach/extra flesh (popularly called 'Pot Belle,' in Nigeria). We've got enough pots already, hehehe! Besides, if they are in your belle, how do we cook?

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