Monday, November 30, 2015

The Race without Tracks.

In every race there are tracks to keep the runners/racers in the right direction. In most cases if anyone steps into another track, that person becomes disqualified. Some may have the stamina to run a 100, 200, 400...1500metere... race. But each of the race is with the goal to win a prize. But not everyone can win. Of course you should have been told or read; you win some or lose some. Whichever way you still need to stay on track when you run.

The race without tracks is a life being lived by an individual without direction or purpose. Imagine, if there are no tracks and you expect a minimum of four persons to run a race, I believe some will just cut across the field if that will be possible, just so, they might be declared the winner. But with no experience gained in preparing for another race that will probably have tracks.  Or they  may bumped into each other, besides not everyone is running the same race. To each and everyone is a race with its track made by God to keep you in the right direction. Unfortunately, some people will never find their track but you can if you don't give up. Hence, the need to finish every race you begin in life Daniel 11:32. It might be easier said than done but begin 'the doing' and God will help you see it to the end.

 Sometimes, the race we run, we chose  for ourselves, other times by circumstances or  someone who have come to understand us better than we do. Whichever way, find the race you're to run and stay on track even if it seems a worthless effort. Great things don't come with beautiful wrap.

Happy new week and a fruit bearing day. Cheers!

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