Sunday, November 08, 2015

TODAH 2015: It was a Heavy Downpour, everyone got swept away.

The Lord came down strong and mighty, bringing a heavy downpour of the 'latter rain.' Flowing strong like the rivers of living waters. Everyone lend their voices in one accord to shout louder than the wolfing sound of an hurricane. And none was left out of being drenched with the glory of the Lord in Todah 2015. A musical festival put in place by the Winners voice, Living Faith Church, Crudas road, Sapele, Delta State. Next year, its going to be another time of experiencing God in an usual way. Photos of the various ministers after the cut.

Pastor Onos
Minister Jerry Ekpekuru
Classic theater ministering in drama; the story was centred on delivering and liberating the captives. Warriors, strange entity and others tried to rescue them to no avail until the Lord who's strong and mighty came and broke all bounds and chains. And all where freed from the shackles of wickedness. I pray that the Lord will always be right on time to rescue us from every life trial.
The pastorate lifting the name of the Lord high
And everyone got their dancing shoes on 
 Yeah! that's me with one of my favourite brother and friend. Of course, that's our exclamation knowing how drenched we going to be with the latter rain
In amazement of the Lord's wondrous work.

   Shout of praise.

  Minister Michel of 'born to win.'

 The programme anchor, Sis Ejiro Akinyomi and Bro Kenneth. It was awesome and to God be all the glory.


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