Saturday, November 28, 2015

Two Sisters Stabbed to Death by their Pastor's Son in Sapele.

A young girl of 11-year-old was murdered today by her pastor's son. And her older sister was also seriously injured trying hard to call for help. It all happened when the mother went to the market around 11:00am, leaving the two girls at home.  The elder one(Wegba) was sleeping in the room and her little sister (Rejoice) was watching movie in the sitting when the pastor’s son came knocking.

She opened the door for him because he was not a stranger, when he rushed her and stabbed her to death. Upon her death, he started cutting her throat. The sound woke up the elder sister that was asleep. She came to meet the horrific scene and the boy rushed at her too stabbing her multiple times.

She was struggling with him, when she heard their neighbour’s son (Zino) calling out for them to come out to play with him. At that time she screamed for him to get neighbours that she was been murdered.

Zino screamed and everyone came out to their rescue.

The teenage boy climbed into the ceiling to hide but he was searched out and beaten badly. However, they decided not to take laws into their hands and called for the army to take him away.

The bereaved mother couldn't stop wailing about her innocent child's death.
Ono Pink Journal gathered that; the deceased child was normally called 'little Rejoice by her mother. And she was very brilliant and of good character. She said "go and wake my little Rejoice, she can't be dead."

Everyone kept testifying of her humble character and how she'd greet a 100 times a day whenever she passes any elderly person.

The older sister has been rushed to the general hospital and presently receiving treatment. (More details later with photos). Work won't let me upload right now.

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