Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Underage Driver Arrested after Killing a 10-year-old in a Wreck.

A young boy of 14years of age, who took his parents' car to go on a merry ride, met with a tragic end when he crashed the car into power pole, killing the 10years old passenger. According to authourities in Washington state; the boy has been arrested.

Associated Press Reports; Two other boys, ages 14 and 11, were injured when the car hit the pole and spun into a tree Monday in the city of Lakewood, about 40 miles south of Seattle, police told The News Tribune.

The underage driver was released from a hospital Tuesday and booked into a juvenile detention center on suspicion of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and hit-and-run.

Dylan Wilson, who was riding in the backseat with the 11-year-old, died in the crash.

"He was a wonderful boy, and I miss him. What can I say?" Dylan's mother, Michelle Wilson, said through tears.

The children got the keys to a car belonging to the 11-year-old's mother and went joyriding, police Lt. Chris Lawler said. The boys at one point stopped to buy gas. On their way home, their car sideswiped another vehicle and kept going, authorities say.

Police believe the 14-year-old driver panicked and sped down the road before hitting a pole, but detectives were still investigating what led up to the wreck. The two older boys ran from the crash.

"Our thoughts and sympathies go out to the boys and their families. Many of us are parents ourselves and can't imagine what they are going through," Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro said in a statement.

Prosecutors are reviewing charges against the 14-year-old driver, who is expected in court Thursday.

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