Monday, November 23, 2015

'Until You Ask Questions ...Your Information Is Accidental.' - Dr Mike Murdock

There are series of inspirational twits from the motivational and renowned Man of God, Dr Mike Murdock that should help you get all you need in life. Some of the quotes after the cut.

Until You Ask Questions ... Your Information Is Accidental.

Questions...Obtain What Prayers Will Not.

Questions ...Expose Deceivers.

Silence Is ...The Tool of The Arrogant.

Regret ... Is Confirmation You Are Learning.

YOUR decisions...Schedule Your Seasons.

Those Who Have Something You Don't Have ... Know Something You Don't Know.

Whose Advice Have You Decided To Ignore? 

Your Life Is A Portrait of Your Decision-Making.

The Exit of Vashti... Is The Opportunity For Esther. 


Palace talk.. #Attentiveness Is..The Seed For Access.

Reta;iation Is A Costly Decision ... If It Takes You Out of Gods Will.

ASK QUESTIONS ... Until The Decision Becomes Easy.

When I Know Who You Honor .. ...I Can Predict Your Future.

Your Harvests ...Reveal Your Seeds.

Silence  Is The Seed For...Misunderstanding

If My Presence Does Not Improve You ... I Will Remove It.

Questions ...Summon Solutions. 
The Unasked Questions ...Explain Your Crisis.

Money...Is A Reaction To A Problem You Solved.


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