Monday, November 23, 2015

'We Need Light' Cries Aniocha South Indigenes Over 5-years of Total Darkness.

The people of  Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State have cried out to the government to assist them in restoring their power. 90% of the L.G.A have been in an uninterrupted black out for over 5years.

One of the indigene (Name with-held) said; "What is the offence of the people? If tomorrow they join the Biafran state struggle, the government will take up arms against them. The people desire simple things like light, water and road and you have their loyalty. What is one Nigeria if such a large area can be marginalized for this long?"

Other areas that have been in such situation include; Aghalokpe in Okpe Local Government Area and the surrounding villages.

The reason given by BEDC is non-payment of bills over 8years. The people had insisted they've been paying their bills. The question none seems to answer is 'where has the money been going to?'

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