Saturday, November 07, 2015

When the Words 'I Love You Too' Get Stuck in Your Throat, though Someone Expects a Reply hehe!

Okay, it is a generally accepted norm in most relationship if not all, when one says 'I love you' the other should reply 'I love you too.' Or something in line with it. But is it all the time that one feels the gushing of such emotion to express same back or people just go with the flow because it is expected? The exchange of such loving words in actual sense and in this present generation is gradually loosing its value. Because a man/woman can actually say those words to any and every man/woman, he/she has being in relationship with and within same period of time. Yeah! Those that double, treble or endless date as many folks that are willing to ride or tag along.

Well, that's really not my point for now anyway. But the possibility of replying the declaration of love when you're not feeling same at a particular moment. And somehow, the words just get stuck for a moment before they are forced out. There are times when one spouse or partner gets to hurt the other badly and did apologise. But forgiveness in some cases doesn't come easy. So, when the person tells you 'I love you' and wait in anticipation for the reply, its easy to find it difficult to say the words. So, if you do find yourself in such situation let the words stay where they should be, until you're able to truly forgive. If you reply and yet you're still nursing the grudge, some other thing (maybe trivia or irrelevant) will occur and you'll find yourself blowing off the roof top because of the steamed up pain. And your partner may not iunderstand because he/she did think the incident is forgiven and forgotten. In order not to compound whatever misunderstanding existing in your relationship, express in words as you truly feels. If apology is accepted but the wound too raw to heal, let him/her know by not replying the declaration of love. Rather, you can give a smile and ask for sometime to heal, As the saying goes 'Time heals all wounds.'

There are situations when you truly don't love a person but because of what you're gaining from that him or her, you've find it easy to reply the declaration until you truly find someone or something else. Then, you suddenly realised there's no use lying anymore but having difficult letting him/her understand. The words will sure get stuck when next that person tells you 'I love you.' Actually, you have no business lying in the first place. But then we live in a world where everything goes. In order to avoid such situation, stay true to yourself, no matter how rosy that relationship promised to be. Do have a great weekend. Cheers!

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