Friday, November 13, 2015

Why God Created you a Man or Woman.......?

Today's society growing in crime rate (Killings, kidnapping, terrorism...etc), moral decadence. Lives are no longer safe in all level of economic status. Then the questions are; these people are they humans? or are they not born of a woman to a man? Were they born with such evil intention or is developed? Series of questions to asked and every man or woman role to be re-evaluate in raising people that can better impact the society. This is not blame shifting but;

First the Women are so busy fighting to wear the pant/trouser with the men that they've forgotten to straightened their skirts. Hence you see a young lady wash an elderly man with insults because he almost hit her.

Women are too busy talking to their men as if he's their first child in the presence of the children yet they wonder why today's children lack morals.

Women are too busy being in the centre of society attention instead of paying attention to their homes. Rather duties are being relegated to other people. Yet they wonder why the men loyalty can easily be questioned. And why crime is on the increase.

Women are so busy selling themselves by too much exposure of sensitive parts yet they wonder why they come cheap or valued less than their worth.

Fight for gender equality if you must but remember raising a good home is way more important than anything else. That's where the peace of the whole society lies. The terrorist and criminal do you think they might have chosen a better way to live if he/she had being guided? Or someone had prayed for his/her well-being. I'm not saying the men are blameless or they have no part in this but there's need for women to re-evaluate their roles as women because the rate of lawlessness, lack of moral/respect is making me worry much about the future generation.

Now why did God Create you a Man or Woman
The foundation of man kind was laid when the Lord created man in his likeness. And assigned to him the duties to name all of his creatures. Tend and dress the beautiful garden of Eden and also the commandment not to eat of the fruit of knowledge. Of course, it was an enormous task but man was created in God's likeness, so, it wasn't about his ability but that of God. That inspired God to create the woman to be a companion to man. But again He gave Adam the sole responsibility to name all of his creature. And he did relying on God's lead. Whatever he called them, that they become. Difficult task easily done with focus. It was at the completion of the task, the Lord realised how lonely man will be in the beautiful Eden, hence the need to create a mate for him and the woman came into existence.

Why God Created Man:
- To take responsibility of catering for a home: today we are having a switch of responsibility because of several excuses, the government/politicians are hijacking the money of the nation, no employment anywhere. Hey! No name has been given to any creature before Adam was assign the duty. There's always something to do. Pride, shame....etc is what is holding many back at the end, the woman is the one catering for the home and some wonder why they are fighting for gender-equality.

   To educate the woman and keep her informed: God gave Adam the assignment before Eve was brought to him. Yet, he yielded to her request in eating of the forbidden fruit. Of course it was his responsibility to keep the woman informed. In as much a man has to listen to the woman, he should acquire knowledge to hold firm to certain decision that may be destructive. Imagine a woman pushing a man to live above their budget, Who will bear the shame when all have been squandered? This isn't just about going to school alone but about morals and all aspects of life. Don't you know people go through school, acquire degrees and in two months time, they can barely recall all that they've learned?

   To be strong and to protect: You came first, given responsibilities and was made stronger than the woman. It is your duty to protect but today, the women have had to protect themselves even from the men cruelty. Now not just about domestic violence but the psychological wounds inflicted on the mind of the women through the cheating act which men are claiming it is in their nature and some women have bought or are buying the idea. If only you do know the pain or agony these women go through, maybe you won't do it.
     For the woman: God made the woman to be a help-meet, to give support, a cheer leader to help the man to never give up but what do we have today: the woman wanting to run the race 'what a man can do, a woman can do better.' Thereby forgetting what her primary assignment of being a help-meet is. The harder the woman chose to till, the less motivated the man becomes.

    To cater for the home: Of course you should know if any marriage fails, the woman takes a major portion of the blame, she's more stigmatised, even when the man is completely wrong or at fault. Hence the need for every woman to prayerful keep her home in tack.

    To keep your skirt straight: The man will always be the head of the home by wearing the pants, so, its important for every woman to keep her skirt straightened. The society needs to be better and yes it'll only become that when the man and woman are able to be at their duty post. Have a fun-filled weekend but don't forget God.

Scripture Guide: Genesis 1,2 and 3.


  1. I wish all our men will understand this concept, the crime and moral decadence prevailing in the society will be curbed. More grace dear, and may everyone understand their primary role on earth.