Friday, November 06, 2015

You Cannot Govern Nigeria, Resign now - PDP tells Buhari.

The Peoples Democratic Party, yesterday, adviced President Muhammadu Buhari to resign as the Country President for admitting that the nation is broke.

The party said that the comment was a clear manifestation of President Buhari's inability to lead the Country.

The PDP described Buhari's lamentation as annoying, wondering why he was looking for excuses after boasting to the whole World that he will fix Nigeria.

At a press conference yesterday by the PDP Publicity Secretary in Edo State, Chris Nehikhareto, challenged Buhari to publish account balances of all transactions by previous PDP led government under former

President Goodluck Jonathan and the APC led government under him since assumption of office.
President Buhari should show Nigerians the account balances and how much money he met in the coffers of the Federal government since he came in, he said .

The complain of Mr. President and his APC government is becoming alarming and annoying, he said.

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