Sunday, December 20, 2015

Indonesian Ferry Accident in Stormy Sea, 3 Dead and Scores of People still Missing.

There is an ongoing search for a ferry conveying about 118 people around Sulawesi island in Indonesia. Late Saturday afternoon a distress signal was sent from the vessel before it disappeared.

There are speculation it might have sank but authourities are yet to confirm the true nature of the predicament. Presently, about 3 people have been found dead and 39 others rescued clinging to fishing buoy to remain afloat but  about 76 people and the ferry are yet to be found.

The search has been made difficult because of the harsh weather and high waves. However officials have denied the report of the possibility of the boat sinking because it was made from fibre glass and was therefore difficult to sink. they claim the boat is adrift after its engine failed..

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