Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lol! Frank Edwards gets Beaten by his Mum in the Surprise Game.

Apparently, the Rock town artist planned to give his mum a surprise visit, only to get there & discover she traveled. Of course he decided to make the best out of it and had a good laugh by taking to his Instagram with that comic photo expressing his surprise Lol!

A fan pointed out that it shows he is not always in touch with his!! and of course he said it is the 'wrongest' assumption

"😑😐😂 I planned to give mum a surprise visit .. Only to get here & discover she traveled 😏."

He also gave a great insight to why some people haven't been successful in their business endeavours.

"You've jumped from 1 business to another in 5years & still not successful. Reason is you've never done 1 long enough to the point of Success." I quite agree with him.

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