Monday, December 14, 2015

Pat Utomi: APC Needs a Politician not a Technocrat as its Caretaker Committee Chairman

I put forward this piece not with the intention to slight anybody but with the feeling of a moral burden to do so in the interest of my party. I have vowed to watch events as it unfolds in respect of the future of our great party and I do not intend to maintain a conspiratorial silence as long as the interest of Apc in Delta state will be jeopardised.

The fundamental objective of every political party is in its ability to win elections and not its ability to patronise or pacify the bruised ego of some wailing wailers.

Few days ago I wrote about while it is imperative to set up a caretaker committee to reorganise and reconstitute the structure of our Exco in the state. I did also made it abundantly clear why an experienced politician should be allowed a space to put things in a proper perspective and position us for the battle ahead.

But it seems to me based on report at my disposal that there are people who for reasons best known to them are bent on making sure that the Apc does not see the light of the day in Delta state. 

It is instructive to note that the excruciating defeat we suffered in the last election was as a result of inexperience on the side of those saddled with the responsibility to manage the party in the state, most of which are technocrats and others men with special calling that does not bear relevance to politics. how else do we explain the fact that nobody including the leaders and the contestants in APC was able to win his or her ward.

As long as people play politics of bitterness and pull him down in Delta state PDP will continue to have a field day in the battle field. for us to be able to wrestle power from the ruling PDP we need somebody with a robust political pedigree who is familiar with the nitty gritty of PDP politics, we also need a man who has the political influence to break into the camp of the PDP and bring on board notable politician that can contribute their quota in wrestling power from the ruling party in the state ,anything short of this is a progression in error.

I am deeply disturb by the decision of some group of Apc member to draft another technocrat in the person of Prof. Pat Utomi who have never played active politics either in lagos where he stays or in his hometown in Delta north to be appointed as caretaker committee Chairman of Apc, sometimes am tempted to ask if APC in Delta is jinx and condemn to always take wrong decision.

I have attended several meetings including the one chaired by Rotimi Amaechi at the River state govt house at Abuja were he was accused by his own people that he does not fraternise with Apc members in his ward not to talk of local govt, I am also doubly convince that he cannot comfortably give the names of twenty notable politicians in Delta state when the need to strategize comes up .it therefore beats my imagination that any sane minded person can suggest a man of that political pedigree to manage the complexities associate to a politically volatile state like Delta when it is obvious that we lost as a result of the inexperience of technocrats that managed the party. 

It is also good to note that the fundamental objectives of a political party is to retain old member and attract new ones and to me this needs a lot of political knowledge, experience and also putting the round pegs in a round hole.

However let me made it abundantly clear that i have enormous respect for Prof Pat Utomi, infact he is my role model with a rare gift of economic wizardry I'm unshakably convinced that he will do very well as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria being a renowned economist or technocrat but it is my firm conviction that the forces that is craving for his appointment will capitalise on his inexperience as a politician and further rubbish our collective will to take over the Delta state government house.

I want to state that those rooting for his candidature are the greatest enemies of APC in Delta state and the good people of our great party will resist any action that is capable of diminishing our morale in the political equation of this state because we are the ultimate losers. 

We are determined not to further suffer the misfortune of other peoples irrational actions and decisions, we shall continue to constructively engage the party tow the part of greatness and shun the path of mediocrity, Pat utomi has never contested election once or play politics in Delta state neither does he belong to any political class in the state and as such will end up abusing the already dwindling momentum of our great party if such callous mistake is made. This has to do with political analysis and not economic analysis. People should always learn from the verdict of history.

I thank you all.

By Sanco Ese Darlinton

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