Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sapele Indigenes Cry for Help Over Another Terrible Killing and Kidnapping.

This article was written in pidgin English and I hope you will get to understand the depth of pain and insecurity Sapele indigenes have been subjected to in less than two months. There has been terrible records of deaths and kidnapping and the height of insecurity is on the increase. Hence the need for everyone to pray and ask God for divine protection because the law cannot in any way be fully trusted. Read article written by Sapele Oghenek after the cut.


I choose to keep this post for today,becos many of us nor know the importance of our Lives,becos we don trade our fears give Satan the Lucifer.

In less than a Month,we don record the following;

* Boy of 16years cut a small Girl neck die.
* Yoruba Girl wen dey sell Agbo,dem kill her and abandoned her corpse for Ugberikoko axis.
* Them kill one woman deposit her corpse under Okoloko Bridge.
* Youths for Amukpe kill deir own friend becos of Tipper wahala.
* We spot two Corpse,male and female for near Amukpe Roundabout.
* Armed Robbers kill Pastor Great for Oleh Road.
* Special Anti Robbery Squad from Abuja kill Mopol wen guide Kelly the great Bank Robber for Peemos and shot Kelly two legs instantly before e death.

The last and current death or killing na a Man after my heart Late Mr David Umukoro a.k.a Paragon Etc
Sapele nor be like this before and when I look the cause of these issues,I come realize say, na longer throat to wealth dey cause am and most of the people wen dey involve for all dis crimes na Youths. Now make we ask ourselves.
Where the Vigilantes?
Where the Police Officers?
Where the Nigeria Navy?
Where the Army in charge of Sapele?
Where the Chief Security Officer,Hon. Barr Ejaife Odebala?

With the help of the above mentioned names,Sapele suppose get good Security plans to check mate crimes. Sapele na very small place with few inhabitants compared to major Cities within the Federation,but the rate of crime for just this last month,dey too much to quiet put. In absense of the Local Government Chairman positive effects,the Community Leaders get every right to question the presence of the Security Heads if the town crime rate dey increase.

One major problem,wen we dey face as for Sapele be say,if them catch anybody,I don notice say some big men for this town,dey pass back dey go bail suspect on Murder issues from Police custody or even facilitate deir bail from Prison's. This na d case of Late Mr Kelly the Bank robber.

Dis morning,I dey point my hands to all the leaders,say d security lapses of this town Sapele, and the high rate of crime dey many of unu hands. I nor go fear darkness shit for House,becos we nor know who be next.
For the very first time,we don record 11 Kidnapping issues for Sapele,in less than a month. Wetin dey happen my Leaders.

The simple truth for all this matter be say,most of these Boys wen dey kill people so,dey work under instructions of their Boss. From another point of view,some of these Oga them,dey renew deir blood money making machines with new blood,and when dem need am,dem go pay big money give the idiots,wen dey carry out this task for them.

Tomorrow we go see dem dey drive big big Motors and we go dey hail them,all in the name of to get like them,not knowing say nor be everything wen dey shine be gold.

Most of all dis death issues,na as a result of money wen people nor lost,but dem dey find am. Now make I tell unu one popular method wen dis Ritualist dey use. Them dey drive cars around the town,dey look for Girls wen get long throat for big things. As one person dey talk to the babe,the other one go pass back,begin talk (Incantation) for one red clothe and if the Girl nor sharp,she go begin loose her senses,with the help of the diabolic power,and anything them tell,her nai she go dey do. She go come be like mumu till she go use her own two legs enter motor. E get one case of this type,wen dem drop from deir car begin talk to the Girl. Once nai she begin shout "Jesus". D guys just enter motor nai dem drive leave her.

Today many of unu wen be Girls nor dey use eyes see man wen get money again. Na out of greed nai make many of unu dey die like fowl. In those days,Girls na fast food be deir problem,but today unu don cross line, as unu wan drive big Cars and sidon for front seat. Na all dis greed dey make us dey get victims of death toll from the female angle.

Make we come down to our Sapele. Wetin dey happen?

Dear Hon. Ejaife Odebala
I dey very please to write you this letter and to appeal to you,to wake up from your sleep. If we follow the records of security for Sapele under the Chief Security Officers wen don lead Sapele pass. Na dis period wen u dey Government as the Local Government Chairman,nai crime and death rate don high pass.
Na your right to protect the property and lives of the town,as a leader and if this issue dey go out of hands like this,I expect you to call for a general meeting and invite the following Stakeholders on Political sector,not minding tribes and personalities including opposition Party Leaders and all Security Heads within the town to sit down and address this very issue to stop further death.

Though Paragon death nor be for Sapele, but report reach us say,the Boys follow am from SAPELE.
We nor fit dey loose people like that and yet we dey fold hands dey look. The big question now be say,who be next wen dem wan Assasinate for the town? Becos if we nor act,e nor go stop for here.
Hon. Ejaife come out with a plan to stop dis killings.

I Remain The Otota1 Of Sapele.
The Ukpe1 Of Okpe Kingdom.
The Asamaigor1 Of Itsekiri Kingdom.
The Eagle Eyes Of Delta State.
God Bless Sapele.

Imagine the mess wen Girls waka waka dey put them? This na pictures of some of the current victims!
(The Male Picture nai be the Late Paragon wen dem kill last for Oreorokpe and one time best photographer for Sapele).
Join me to wish my Father goodbye.


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