Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seriously Gentlemen! Give the Crotch Some Space to Breathe.

Months after months now, I've been trying to turn a blind eye on the kind of trousers/pants men wear these days. Is it that materials aren't in sufficient quantity or the world is of course becoming a 'circus or a stage?'  I've heard on some occasions when people blame rape incidents on women's indecent dressing. Maybe soon, the case will be reversed or maybe the men have chosen to compete with the women to see who've got the best shape or it is sexual appeal, someone please educate me.

When you get the crotch all squeezed up and a woman choose to ball you around, you've got to hold yourself responsible. Of course, you may not think its relevant in anyway but I beg to defy. The women are coming up hard and they will take over if you don't get to free and give yourself the room to breathe and think sensibly, someday, there will be a switch of roles. That is, if it isn't happening already.

It's bad enough that women are setting the world on fire with the kind of clothes they wear. And its worse with the men helping to increase the flame instead of reducing it. Do we need to burn this world down with no morals before our eyes need to be opened to what many are allowing themselves to be turned into. Also, I've been told women dress up to impress the men especially with the show off excessive skin, am I to ask that's why men are doing same today? Come-on! One of the gender needs to stay sane enough to stop the embarrassment, actually harassment. I have had to turn my eyes in any direction instead of having to look at some supposed gentlemen. Well, you shouldn't be surprised, there are still women that consider themselves ladies and wishes the men will consider themselves gentlemen enough not to show the whole asset at a glance.

Hmmm! I've written enough for today, men I hope you do know and keep in mind that the women need you to stay on tract unless, on tract means walking along the side line. Cheers!

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