Thursday, December 10, 2015

Shiloh 2015: Some Remarkable Words from God Servants.

Shiloh 2015 themed: From Glory to Glory is presently ongoing at Faith Tabernacle Canaanland and God is sending forth His life changing words, that will lead to a change of position in the life of every participate. I will share some remarkable words for now and I pray you locate any Winners Chapel Church closest to you to partake of God's glorious agenda for His children.

Morning prayers: 5:30am
Services: 7:00am and 7:00pm
Special deliverance services: 1:00pm
Youth Alive session: 3:00pm

- When you're waiting for change, you are wasting your life. You enforce change by engaging fervently in kingdom advancement instructions. Bishop David Oyedepo

- In the kingdom of God, you are born a child, raised a son and sent as a servant. A son has authourity/inheritance but a servant has reward/responsibility which is the pathway for enthronement Luke 14:8. Pastor David Oyedepo jnr.

- It is your addiction towards God's instructions that qualifies you for addition from God. Because those who seek the Lord will have no need to seek anything in life Psalm 34:10. Bishop David Abioye.

- God have trust in His people that's why He has given them avenue to encounter Him through kingdom advancement prayer Isaiah 62:6-7. Bishop Jonathan Aremu.

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