Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Act without an Art – Nollywood Movies.

There is no doubt that Nollywood as a movie industry is undergoing a revolutionary phase whereby many of us won’t have to watch their movies just to kill time but because we find them interesting.  But of course, there will always be the torturous ones that Africa Magic will subject as many that can’t afford to subscribe full DSTV package, go to the city to visit the cinema or buy tickets to watch. 

Torturous? Because of the repetitive story lines and not to mention the poor casting. Actually, repetitive stories won’t be a problem if it is replicated in a much better way instead of the immature representation you are forced to watch. Dumebi gave birth to series of comical illiterate story lines that almost wipe out the entire makeup of the movie, that's if it hasn't. And before then we have the likes of Aki na Ukwu, Osuofia, etc....  Funny enough, the replicates till 30days in Atlantic and some others were nothing but caricature representation of the story line. Everyone wants to go with what’s trending and will sell quickly in the market with no consideration for the taste of those who will be spending their hard earned money to purchase these movies. 

The most traitorous ones are movies having six parts/sequel with no independent story line. All 6 sequel are connected and difficult to find in the market because the names will not be in order, though the story line is a continuation of the previous.  And you might end up watching part 6&7 before realising there's part 3&4. For one movie, you’re expected to spend hundreds of naira and they are complaining of piracy. Give the act an art and make noise about piracy because as much as you (movie crew) wants to make money by exploiting the masses, so are the masses looking for ways to exploit you too and make money.

Imagine the difference between a movie that was made in three weeks and one made in seven years, do I have to spell out the difference? I think you already can make it out yourself but just incase you need help; the difference will be a qualitative movie that will win awards and get international recognition. If you doubt try ask @Stevegukas, @Kunleafolaya,@ritaUdominic, @GenevieveNnaji........ the list presently is on the increase if you are chanced to meet them. It is time every other producer buckle up and give us quality films, maybe then Africa magic won’t be having a 100 different channel and punish the masses with the poor movies they tend to show because there are more people that will be able to afford a gotv subscription than a full DSTV package, they are referred to as ‘the masses.’ Thank you.

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