Friday, February 19, 2016

A Young Lady Escaped Death in the Hands of Ritualist in Sapele because she was too Skinny.

A young lady in Sapele escaped being killed by ritualist for ritual activities because she was too skinny.  The lady narrated her ordeal when she was brought back home by one of the ritualist on Wednesday., 17/02/16.

It all happened on Monday morning when a man asked her to give him direction along Adeniyi road, Sapele. When giving the description of where he was looking for, his phone fell. The young lady decided to pick it up for him and the next time she opened her eyes she was in a thick forest.

Shortly, after re-gaining consciousness, she saw others been killed and their bodies dissipated.

When it was her turn to be killed, one of the ritualist called to ask which of her body parts should be cut off.  “Oga which part you want make dem cut comot” she heard him asked in pidgin English.

When he was making the call another of his counterpart walked in and asked if she was next to be killed. Upon replying 'yes,' he said 'no' she was too skinny.

“If we kill this kin thin girl, wen nor get flesh, her spirit go worry us.” He said in Pidgin English. Which means 'if they kill her because she’s too skinny, they have no peace.'
After much contemplation, they decided to return her back to the area (Major Bowel Junction in Sapele) they picked her from.
The Mother's Story upon Hearing about her Daughter’s Kidnapping.
She was completely devastated when her daughter did not return home from running errands. And many others scared her more by drawing the conclusion that she hade been kidnapped and should wait for the kidnappers to call for ransom.
The road side fuel seller simple identified as Regina cried because she could barely eat, so, where will she get money from to pay for ransom?
She proceeded to MTN office to lay her complain if there’s anything they could do to trace her. She was advised to go the appropriate authourity (Police station). Which she did but no result.
She decided to go church and lay the issue before to altar of God and truly, God came through for her and her daughter returned home without being hurt. The police men and everyone around rejoiced greatly with the family and they are set to give thanks in a grand style come Sunday, the 21 of February, 2016.
However, this is not the first person that has escaped death in the hands of ritualist in Sapele. In December, a lady had also helped a man to pick up his phone in Amukpe around 10am and ended up in the bush with her baby in the midst of many dead people vomiting monies.
In an attempt to take her child from her, she lashed out at her and the contents in her bag poured out, including the Living Faith Church Shiloh flier which has the picture of the preceding Bishop David Oyedepo. At that moment the picture began to talk and speak in tongues and all the men, about 14 of them fell down. She quickly untied the ones tied up and they escaped.
PS: Do not; please do not pick   anything from the floor for anyone. If you are the one that saw it, kindly notify the owner and go your way.

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