Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Aww! A Woman Encouraged other Women to Leave their Husbands for Infidelity but Stayed to Work through it with her Cheating Husband.

This write up by Prophetess Tera Carissa Hodges is an eye opener to the double standard life some people are living. I pray you learn from what you are about to read.

"#TablesTurned#Choices#Decisions#Advice:  Every dog has their day! Just got done reading through an email from a mistress who provided receipts (proof, evidence) of her affair with a well known man. Here's where the water gets murky, that I want to use for a ‪#‎teachingpoint‬ While the general public does not know, the wife has known for years about this mistress and outside child...and STAYED (that's HER prerogative, no judgment there).

The problem is however, that this SAME woman (the wife) has encouraged other women to leave their husbands for infidelity, while she decided years ago to stay and work through the infidelity with hers.

#‎WhatAmISaying‬ When it comes to LIFE decisions, its OK to seek advice, but know that the VERY people who are telling you what to do, may very well be doing something else entirely different. People will give you advice based on what they think will make them look good. The best people to seek advice from on an issue are the people who have openly admitted to having already survived that issue.

#‎ForExample‬: Dave Ramsey openly talks about his financial woos before becoming the financial guru he is today. Talking to him would be more helpful than talking to the Joneses down the street who are less than 30 days out from a home foreclosure but yet are still trying to keep up appearances.

#‎Hardship‬ does not discredit a person from being able to give advice...we all go through something. But, lack of transparency is what discredits people from being able to advise. NO, people don't owe you their business. But, when seeking advice, make sure it is from someone who has already demonstrated publicly that they have already overcome an issue, and are WILLING to advise transparently on the topic.

IF they are not, FINE! That's their business and prerogative. No one OWES you their testimony. But, for sound wisdom and advice, not just theories, formulas, ideas, and suggestions, move on to someone who will."

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