Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BOKO HALALL: Touching Story of how Nigerian Soldiers Engaged in Teaching Victims when they are not at the War Front.

This was shared by a Nigerian Soldier, Cheer Agba on Facebook of how they chose to hold the chalk or charcoal when they are not holding guns or bombs at the war front, to educate victims of Boko-Haram Victims in the North-east of Nigeria. This has enabled them learn to read and write. God bless their souls and preserve their lives. Read the post after the cut.

"Abubakar Goni and his little brother Mustapha come here daily in search of food, they get Lessons as well.

Interestingly, they both can now identify all twenty six (26) letters of the English language.

I am thrilled at the pace of their improvement and can bet with the trigger of my weapon, if I am still here and the bullet does not take me, they'll be reading news papers in no distant time."

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