Friday, February 12, 2016

Frank Edwards Gets an Amazing Gift from Don Moen.

I have been battling if I should or shouldn't share this post but I did, because somehow God's goodness upon his servants has got to be told. Especially, with so much people and energy being focused on what secular artist are or aren't upto.

So, it is amazing !!! Frank Edwards who has been in the US for some weeks now recording some tracks with Don Moen got the gift of a car, BMW 8ii...  from him some hours ago. Excitedly, he has promised to drive all the way to Lagos lol. You know he's just kidding right??? lol!

Yeah by the way!! I was battling to post this because I got blocked on twitter by him. And honestly, I apologize for whatever I wrote that got him offended. Just want to be a carrier of good news and God's blessings upon His people. Cheers!

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