Monday, February 15, 2016

Genevieve Nnaji Gives an insight to what you can get when you have Entrepreneurs as Friends, lol!

The stunning actress shared the above photo with this caption "When your friends are entrepreneurs." Well, the result is what we can see with the well varnished nails and entire make-up. Funny though, she got some quite good answers from fans. I will post two and you can tell which you agree with.

"1st Reply: hmmm! when your friends are entrepreneurs. It's simply means you have people of great vision & focus as friends and you're also one of them. It also goes a long way to tell who you are, as the old says "Show me your friend & l'll tell you who you are". and

2nd Reply: Hahahaha... When your friend's are entrepreneurs.. you get things done FREE..."  

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