Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kenny K'ore Applauds Deeper Life GO, Williams Kumuyi for Taking Steps to Correct Wrong Church Doctrines.


"In the advent of Daddy William F. Kumuyi publicly admitting that he taught some doctrines that aren't biblical, and in the spirit of REPENTANCE, he will make sure The Deeper Life churches as a denomination repents of them,

I can not help but REJOICE, believing that there is yet HOPE for the churches, thank GOD for Daddy Kumuyi.

When you are in reputation for always being right, and for being an oracle of GOD,
it isn't easy to admit you've been wrong, and repent.

It even seem people almost hate their leaders admitting their wrong, than they hate them being wrong.

Hence I've concluded that the GREATEST UNREPENTANCE is in the highest echelon of Christian organised leadership.

Some of our leaders taught us wrongly in some doctrines, but they did it sincerely, because that was what they were taught.

And I can understand that.

What has since become a source of bafflement to me is how several of them, having seen the precedence/results of their teaching, and having been confronted with the truth, still insist on continuing in certain of this erroneous doctrines, choosing the easier route of vilifying those who correct them, than REPENT.

A healthy conscience cannot be bribed.

It cannot be deceived or appeased except by TRUE REPENTANCE.

A healthy conscience may be seared as with a rod of iron, it can be grieved into silence, it can be killed.

What are you doing this moment to your conscience???

I am extremely encouraged by Daddy W. F Kumuyi, and I join the teaming numbers of believers who pray for his well-being until his task here is done.

May more fathers in the faith receive the courage to say, "I'm Sorry, I Was Wrong Here and Here, And I Repent..."

‪#‎Until‬ We Come To The Unity Of Faith


Read here to know more about what he said.

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