Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kirk Franklin Sets Criticise Straight on his Collaboration with Kanye West.

Kirk Franklin has decided to set the record straight when many of his fans expressed their displeasure over his collaboration with Kanye West. They are of the opinion that Kanye is not spiritually sound to collaborate with him. The track is yet to be released. Read what he wrote after the cut.

"Kanye is not me. I am not him. He is my brother I am proud to do life with. No sprints, but Marathons; like most of us are on. Before one song was released, I was crucified because my brother asked me to take a picture. Again "no Kanye, you're not good enough"? No. That is a dangerous message I believe we send to the world when our posture is they have to meet certain requirements before they are worthy to kiss the ring. It says people are not redeemable, forgivable or candidates for grace. That my friend is religious. I will not turn my back on my brother. I will love him, prayerfully grow with him. However long he'll have me, and however long the race takes. To a lot of my Christian family, I'm sorry he's not good enough, Christian enough, or running at your pace...and as I read some of your comments, neither am I. That won't stop me from running. Pray we win.
Some of his fans are still not happy..." owever, some of his fans are not ready to cease fire

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