Monday, February 22, 2016

Move: That is the only Way the World will Recognise your Presence.

Good morning Monday and of course to you too. Let the work begins with me reminding you about something; they say, the present is dead to you if you continue to live in the past. There are times we wish to go back to the past to unearth or bury some issue. This tend to overwhelmed us, we forget how to resolve the issue of the present which will be another past that needs to be resolved tomorrow. And more goals left unachieved. Because no matter how relevant your past is, the sun won’t stop rising neither will it stop setting. The world keeps rotating, bringing in a new day, new opportunity to live.

The present is a present/gift given to you. It could be in two ways. On one hand; beautifully or handsomely wrapped up and on the other hand; wrapped in an ugly /hideous manner. Either one, there’s difficulty unwrapping it. If it is so beautiful, one will be blinded or entranced not to take the wrap off. You want to keep looking at it and if ugly then you chose to have nothing to do with it. The worse could be as a young child, you were molested possibly raped, now you don’t want to have anything to do with a man in the case of women or a woman in the case of a men. You are but giving the past power over what the present has given to you to be brought into ruin.  The best scenario is, you had the most beautiful relationship yesterday, now every other one today must measure up to what you had yesterday.
Of course, we can’t overlook the mistakes of yesterday, things you did that you wished to erase. Now, let me remind you, you can’t do that, no matter how hard you try. You just can’t turn back the hands of time, keep ticking away steadily. So, steady your hand and unwrapped what God has presented to you, which could a better gift than what yesterday was. And if it isn’t, you’ve got to live, for tomorrow is yet to present another gift and opportunity. Of course you can’t move forward while looking backward. Your eyes must be focus ahead to make head  way in life. The hurts become irrelevant if today can take away yesterday pain or make greater the joy. The longer you chose to reminisce about the past, the harder it is to see the beauty of the day before you or lies ahead, because yesterday is gone, today is here and there's tomorrow to look forward to. The world is moving and when you move with it that’s when your presence can be recognised. Stay still and everyone get to leave you behind.
Have  a fruit bearing and past forgetting week. Even though it may try to meddle with today. Remember, you get your hand soiled if you dip it in the trash or dirt.  Well If you did unknowingly, it is time to watch up and keep keeping on.
PS: I may not be so active here for some hours but I sure will give an highlight of whatever is relevant when I do get back. May God keep blessing you and me in Jesus name, amen. Cheers!!!

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