Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sex and Valentine.

"Auntie buy red ear ring" The roadside seller said shoving a red earring in my face. Another one dragged my hand "Fine girl I get bum short"

I stood totally lost, "What's going on?" I thought to myself as I scanned the market, Red bra, Red shorts, Red everything, I saw girls rushing to get their lashes fixed, their nails and hair done. "Did I slip into coma and woke up in December? Then I heard the a girl behind me say "If my guy no buy me correct 'Valentine' gift ehn no show for am."

Then it dawned on me what the buzz was about, it was Valentine's day the next day. I looked at ladies as they trooped into the market thinking to myself "what's sex got to do with it?"

A quick reminder of the history and lesson on Valentine's day. Valentine's day is celebrated annually in honour of Saint Valentine. Saint Valentine was a priest who secretly wed people after it was decreed that nobody should be wedded, this was done to prevent people from having children. He was caught after a while and sentenced to imprisonment and later died

Years later, Valentine's day was declared in honour of a man's love for love. Fast-forward to the twenty first century and young boys and girls now think its for sex. The main reason why Saint Valentine was secretly wedding these young people was to prevent premarital sex in the first place.

So Brother Man if you really want to honour Valentine's day then put a ring on her finger!!Sister girl your "vee-jay" is worth more than any gift a guy can bring, if you really want Saint Valentine to smile down from heaven then get some standard, place value on yourself. Well, for the married ones, there's no bound, the floor is open for you hmm! I think you may prefer the bed.

I am glad that churches have chosen not to be left out on this day's celebration. And have organised programmes to set  straight the records on what Valentine stands. Join us at Winners Chapel, Crudas road if you live within Sapele at 4:30pm for the 'garden of roses programme.'

Oh Yeah! From Ono Pink Journal 'happy valentine's day." Do not forget to show someone you care today. Even that stranger deserves to be loved. Have a good one.

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