Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shocking! Pastor Stabs Wife To Death, Writes Note Asking 10 Questions Before Disappearing in Edo.

A pastor, Henry Ojochunu Ekukpe has allegedly stabbed his wife Patience Ekukpe, 29 to death in the presence of their 6-month-old baby and dropped a written note containing 10 questions before disappearing into thin air.

The incident took place at their house at No. 19 Uloko Street, Okpoghe Quarters, in Eyaen, New Aduwawa, Benin, Edo state.

A manhunt has now been lunched for Henry, a pastor at the Mountain of Victory and Fire Deliverance Ministry aka Power and Prophetic Church.

The couple got married in September 2014 but had many issues that made the wife leave their matrimonial home. Henry reportedly invited Patience under the disguise that he wanted to resolve their crisis and then killed her in front of their toddler.

After he carried out the gruesome murder, he penned down a note which he left behind before running away.

The 10 Questions note reads in part:

"Have we ever in life went to beg for food ever since we got married?
Has your mother ever brought food for us to eat one day because of hunger?
Have I not told you at the beginning that I hate someone insulting me?
In the first place, did you really come out with your own full mind?
Did you come to marry me because of money or for who I am?
Who gave you the order to pack your property away from our home?
Who is your adviser in this marriage that is polluting your mind against me?
You always pray that God should help you to eat the fruit of your labour?
So, no man has the power to take one’s life but today we are going together.
So how do you feel now?"

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