Friday, February 26, 2016

Snap Out of it: You Won't Find Joy Living Your Entire Life on the Ground.

It gets to a point in one's life when all that matters is to focus on life and the purpose why you are here and work towards fulfilling them and see how many persons you can help fulfil theirs. Because in the process of self discovery every other thing comes into play. In the process of self discovery stay focus, be determined no matter what, and don't ever take no for an answer. In subsequent time,  I have discovered nothing just happen. Success doesn't fall on peoples laps nor does it come to those who wait, it comes to those who work, those who are not afraid to climb because of falling, rather they know there's no joy in living their entire life on the ground.
Now too many of us live in the dark because of fear of the unknown, don't let the darkness inside of you stop you from coming out, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. If we must live the lives of our dream, then we must learn to write it down "your dreams",  purpose of writing it down is so you can wake up to it every morning, so you can constantly be reminded that you're a man on a mission with a vision, set goals for your self. And no matter how small an idea is WRITE it down. Don't hope you won't forget. Always learn to listen and you listen to learn. No knowledge is wasted, if you don't need it some one close to you may need it. 

Learn to foster good relationship with people who may not necessarily understand your dream but are willing to listen and help you succeed but otherwise drop them. Yes I said so. It's not a matter of working hard, it's about working smart, learn to put your head to work, think creatively, learn to be quiet. And remember the rules in this journey to self is doing what you believe in and that's only what can make you stand out. And last but not the least Avoid time wasters, a wise man once said" time is money" if they aren't going your way my friend there's no point joining the cliques, find your own way hence night cometh when you can no longer work. #questtoselfdiscovery#.............. OVIRI RITA O.

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