Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Differrence Between a Gospel Music Singer and Gospel Music Minister.

Over the years, I and some persons have come to understand there's a huge difference between a gospel music singer and gospel music minister. There's a huge gap between singing and ministering. So here are some ways to know when one is truly set to be a gospel music singer or minister.

Gospel Music Singer: When given an invitation will ask to be given time to check his schedule and if he/she can fit it into it, the next agenda is talk of money before the praying for the program if he/she should attend. That is if it does cross his/her mind to pray at all.

Gospel Music Minister: When given an invitation, asks to be given time to pray over it, before checking schedule and the money, may not have to tell you a specific amount. It is your choice to give atleast your widow's mind or actually, your Zacchaeus mind

Gospel Music Singer: When on stage;spends more time talking about himself, achievements... than on singing to uplift the name of the Lord and bless the people. Yeah, give him or her 1 hour to minister and 40mins will be spent on speaking with all manners of accent or talking about I, me and myself. And 20mins will be used to sing and just jump around the stage. More of a showoff than ministering.

Gospel Music Minister: Of course, opposite of what you just read. Spends much time on appreciating God for grace and mercy; for bringing him/her as far as he or she has gotten and gets into worship/praise carrying the entire congregation along. Yeah, there will always be some entertaining touch in it. But he/she finds a way to shift the focus back to God.

Gospel Music Singer: When sent a reasonable message on social networks refuses to share but try send an unreasonable one and you will be surprised by the blast of abusive words you will get to read.

Gospel Music Minister: When sent a reasonable message on social network, replies and shares with humility.

Gospel Music Singer:  Finds it very easy to forget his/her root. That church that gave the chance to be useful in God's house can no longer afford to pay for their services. And woe betide them if they do it for free. There are the ones that have to walk away from the label that gave them a platform to walk because they can afford to be their own boss. It is not about being one's own boss but being appreciative.

Gospel Music Minister: Remembers his/her root. That church may not be able to avoid them but they afford to give to them in different ways, that which the Lord has blessed him/her with. Visiting to minister, be part of major projects financially, inspire the growing ones and endless it could be.....

But right now the other points seem to have taken a walk, which means this post will be updated again and again subsequently. So you're welcome to check some other time. Thank you for being here.

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