Friday, February 19, 2016

The Gag Mouthed and Deadness State of Nigerians.

Today, I made up my mind to put my thoughts into writing. I finally could think of doing so when a cab driver voiced part of what has been running through my brain.

There was a time in this country when anyone could say or write anything about everyone. The voice of masses was so loud that it broke the seat of power. Yes, they screamed so hard that an incumbent president got bent and finally fell out of his seat. Of course, not making any attempt to get back on it, made him an hero in the world but so few consider the act to be so because of the high level of selfishness running through the blood of everyman. Oh sorry! Definitely can't be everyman as if there’s no word like ‘self’ in the dictionary in the first place. And whoever you are, there’s all likelihood you’d think of how to better your life before others. But then what do I know?
Back to what the cab driver said that got me thinking of taking the gag out of my mouth, actually it should be the bandage from my hand.  Okay! This was what happened; the cab driver drove into a fuel station to fill up his tank and discovered the price has taken a heck up. He got back in crumbling about how unenlightened we are in this nation.  Information not probably dissipated and no one is speaking. Rather, everyone chose to gag up their mouths. Yeah! I know there have been a few ‘keep  me in the news or I am still relevant open letters,’ relative to some of the issue the country is dealing with but they got waxed within days and when you try to melt the waxed away, you burn the information.  That’s how relevant the open letters were to whoever it was meant for.
Oh to my cabbie driver pain; He said ‘the enlightened people in position should feed us with information. If there’s need to increase the price of fuel or there will be scarcity for a while, they should let us know and also explain why.’ But then what does a cab driver have to say or even the blogger trying so hard to keep up with the fast pace of running to catch and still information on a blogging space so she doesn’t get to be seriously criticised about everything that matters not, leaving the ones that will add value to the existence of Nigerians.
Every day you get to hear, read or write about individuals being probed and unproved, monies recovered which connects and reconnect several others until the link gets too long to know where it began or it will end. Even the prober ends up being entangled and you wonder who’s probing who. The saga continues as more time is being spent on what is been recovered instead on how to better the lives of the masses.
Where is the missing link between the much probing and bettering the lives of Nigerians, I am yet to find one. Especially, the masses voice has become so faint even a man an inch away will not get hear whatever they have to say. In the midst of being made to pay for what you haven’t consumed, for every banking transaction and irrelevant activities of the leaders, many have sealed their mouths and assumed the state of deadness. Therefore, someone please Probe Nigeria.

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