Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Twitter Palava: Twitter User Calls out Pastor over Exchange of Nude Photos.

Hey! It is no longer news the world is going haywire when it comes to sexuality. Most people do not understand the term 'private' anymore. Anything can be made public after all, everyone got the right to do what he/she pleases with his/her life. But, in all of this, some people are still fighting hard to maintain sanity and give value to that which is valuable. Which include what is called 'private parts of humans'. Now to the twitter palava.

Pastor Olusola Adio, a UK based minister teaches Christian/biblical doctrines to sanitize singles and married couples in order to build blissful relationship. In one of his regular tweets on #NoNudes, he twittered about the risk of exchanging nudes with the opposite sex, especially the unmarried ones. And Adaukwu opposed by replying his twit thus: "There's the type of noods u'll see and burst into praise. With tears in your eyes  sef" and the drama unfolds.



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