Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why Delta Labour Party and APC Merger will Fail - Report

AS DELTA STATE APC PREPARES FOR 2019: MATTERS ARISING. Be advised to patiently read to the very last paragraph.

By Evidence Ejiyerakpor Erhijakpor

Among several other aspects of the Nigerian political character that is particular to Nigeria alone is the issue of political party mergers and how some politicians move from party to party.

The one that is about to happen in Delta State will be more shocking than a Boko-Haram bomb blast in the interiors of Borno State. It will leave a lot of people trying to decipher what informed the merger, what the merger stands to gain and through whom the gains and benefits would roll in.
Some of you are more aware that Ogboru and Emhero are two politicians that have never held any political office before. Their political profiles are bogus. And as such, they are becoming speedily unpopular; even amongst Urhobos.

Ovie Obarisi Omo-Agege, a Mafia who recently gate crashed into the senate through jungle justice, I perceive, seems to be the only forceful entity in the proposed Deltan APC block. This is verily so with high regards to facts that he is a wine specially brewed by the foundational Mafias who gathered the ingredients with which the zoning recipe of the Deltan PDP was 'chefed'. However, it is hurriedly worthy of note that the Okra seed cannot outgrow its planter. It can be bent for plucking.

Another rising Mafia, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochie from Delta North Senatorial district whose political relevance gathered momentum through his loyal attachment to the PDP, is also a force that shouldn't be common-placed following the niche he has carved for himself as a former speaker of the Delta state House of Assembly. However, his overdose of political energy has become his Achilles's Hills.

They are all welcome to the punch. Selfless commitment was the rule. But will they not stop asking questions when they get bigger offers with larger funds? Is that not what all of them are truly after? Are they all, except Ogboru, not card carriers of the PDP? Were they not crusaders of the PDP gospel? Are they holier than us? White butterflies; I think?

We foresee trouble, war and failure in the Deltan APC camp if this merger between Agege, Ochie, Emhero and Ogboru gains stream line. The question is: who among them is not a gubernatorial aspirant? Who among them will be earnestly willing to bow out for the other?

A cursory look at the APC plan exposes a lot. Agege is the only one relevant to the APC national structure because he is now a senator representing Delta Central. Does he have a closed door understanding with Buhari and Oyegun?

Emhero has done a lot for the APC because he is the one that planted the party in Delta state during the senatorial rerun of 2013 after Sen. Pius Ewherido's painful death. Will he now wilfully let another harvest the fruits of his blossoming vine?

Ogboru believes he must govern Delta state. Will he shelve his dreams right now for another? Ochie is the only one, among them, from Delta North. Will he not capitalize on the PDP zoning formula that favours Delta North till 2023 to convince the APC federal structure; as that may make him more sellable? Too many captains in a single ship sailing against south south tides!

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