Wednesday, March 09, 2016

About Women's International Day: What Exactly did we Celebrate?

Women International day was celebrated yesterday and many took out time to write beautiful messages to celebrate women. However, I am forced to ask 'what are we celebrating' or 'why are we celebrating women?' I am asking because, we live in the most unsecured time in the world today. And those that are making it so happens to be someone's child/children who might have been a better person if properly raised, nurtured and loved by his or her mother as God leads them.

Oops! forgive me. There's what we call 'gender equality' that's on-going and probably will be until the world comes to an end. Hence, there must be an equal share of duties and activities within and outside the home. Great idea to fight for gender equality, especially for the injustice of it but women today, are using it as an excuse to neglect their roles and duties towards their family, hence it is becoming a great folly.

God didn't make mistake when he made man the head of the home, Ephesian 5:23; 1 Corinthians 11:3,  hence there has to be a limit to gender equality fight. Especially when trying to wear the 'trousers' the 'skirt' gets torn. It means you have to put the trouser aside to amend the skirt inorder to avoid exposing sensitive issues that should be privatise. And again forgive me, there's little or nothing left for the imagination of men anymore. Yeah! women should be celebrated and applauded for nudity or raising criminals? Afterall, there's hardly any woman that has occupied a prominent governmental office that has not been accused of corruption or money laundering. Or there's something I sure don't know of.

I can't over look the fact that there are Godly principled women who still maintains their place in the home and society. What makes them different from the others is that; they don't need to fight to be respected or threated equally, it is naturally accorded to them. Fighting for gender equality or celebrating women will be needful if none forgets to play their role. We are women and to nurture is still our primary duty. The children needs us. The society needs us to be reformed. Be the help meet Genesis 2:18 and be virtuous Proverbs 31:10-3. Respect will be yours. Ask Dr Ben Carson's mother, whenever or wherever you get to meet her.

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