Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Adele Gets a Woman to Propose to her BOYFRIEND as she Kicks off Live Tour.

This is one woman that never ceases to amaze me by setting out to be different in living a celebrated life. Without the regular body exposure, she's still breaking records, winning award and of course making lots of monies. It shows, quality and not sexiness is the key to living a valuable life. Okay, to the main issue;

Adele Kicked off first tour since 2011 in Belfast's SSE Arena tonight and encouraged a woman to PROPOSE to her boyfriend. UK Mirror Reports

To celebrate the leap year, Adele invited a woman on stage to propose to her boyfriend - who had already said "maybe" earlier in the day. Awkward.

Leading the crowd to chant "Come on Neil," the reluctant boyfriend eventually said yes. And Adele invited herself to the wedding.

Later, she told the crowd she credits Simon Cowell for making her career as she performs her cover of Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love.

"This song ended up making my career - when Simon Cowell put it on the list the X Factor contestants can sing," she said. Read more here

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  1. She always brings me a lot of great songs. Love to enjoy it.