Friday, March 18, 2016

Another Fashion ahead of Sensibility Blunder.

The world has become crazy and even getting crazier each day. It will always beat me how valueless, valuable issues are today. A woman that doesn't dress without exposing body parts is unexposed and not to mention the clinging or second skin being sewed on as clothes. Then, the low cut and fitted bottoms that practically made a nation Prime Minister to expose sensitive parts in the name of fashion. Before I continue let's get to the story that brought about this outburst. 
Apparently, a 25 year Roxana Vancea,  was reading the forecast on a Romanian channel when she decided to start exercising in front of the weather map to illustrate that it might be nice to be outdoors.

But as she was running and throwing her arms up in the air, her breasts popped out of her low-cut top to reveal her nipples. She initially appeared not to notice the slip-up and continued to jump up and down.
After bouncing up and down for a few more minutes she finally re-adjusted her t-shirt. The camera then cut to her colleagues at another desk, who looked dumbstruck by what they had witnessed. 
Now, women fight to be given equal respect in the society, great idea but I will suggest we learn to give the men reasons to trust us enough to be threated equally. Of course, I am not talking about being abused or any of such issue but the need for women to re-address what should be termed valuable in their lives and be determine to attach that value to it.

In essence, I seriously think women have to define what womanhood stands for and how it should be fashionably represented before crying for gender equality. You may think otherwise, it is alright, I am entitle to my opinion.


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