Thursday, March 24, 2016

Benue Valley Killings: How Far can it go in Replacing Humans with Animals.

I have decided to share the above picture and plea as posted by Martin Iorsamber's on Facebook. Day after day we hear and read about the massive killings of the Benue people by Fulani’s herdsmen. But what I do not understand is why one isn’t reading or hearing about the drastic steps taken by the government to resolve this. It is alright to keep probing looters but I do hope some time can be spent in presiding over the affairs of this nation because there are becoming too many loose links today.
Martins wrote:
I have never asked anyone to share my picture but if you care, for once, stop and pray for the Benue Valley. The future is dark because the bloodshed is too much. The Fulanis are wiping out the minority tribes of the region.
Cattle rearing are a business and should not to be used to hinder other economic activities. Argentina produces five times the cattle we produce in Nigeria but people are not wiped out to rear cattle. The Benue valley is boiling because of fulani cattle rearers. Children are orphaned daily and families are rendered homeless.

All what the people of the Benue valley are asking for is; the FULANI should RANCH their CATTLE. Share this to prevail on the blood thirsty nomads to ranch their cattle. The bloodshed is too much.
Do share to save lives.

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