Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Channels TV Credibility Questioned over Rivers Re-run Election Reports.

Channels TV was named best TV station for the tenth time this year, however some fans has got reason to question the credibility of the station especially about their bloodied Rivers re-run elections  eschewed reports. So, here is a comprehensive analyse written by Ngozi Ogoke Chris-Agboje's on the filtered report given by Channels and other TV stations over kidnap of INEC Collation officer.


Am beginning to see Channels as a biased TV channel, one that should not be regarded as the best anymore. It is my observation that they are driven by interest in their coverage.

Having taken a close look, I drew my conclusions that it will be unfair to continuously name channels THE BEST again.

Let's analyse how Channels and other TV stations presented the ABDUCTION OF MRS EKWI (INEC COLLATION OFFICER PHALGA WARD 10) AT MILE 1 POLICE STATION.

"We are here at Mile 1 Police station, PH. It appears an INEC officer is here and the two political parties are having issues. The Transport Minister and other APC chieftains are here and the Governor is here too. We are yet to understand what is going on because cameras are not allowed in. There is confusion between the two parties."
Suddenly, Channels TV, took there Cameras away from the main issue and concentrated on APC disgruntled supporters who were chanting "Chain".
Thank you, from Channels TV.
"This is Mile one Police station where we understand the INEC Collation officer (Mrs Ekwi) Phalga Ward 10, is. The Collation Officer has been missing since yesterday at the Collation centre and results from this ward could not be collated. At her centre, Observers slept over the night due to her disappearance.

The Transport Minister alongside Dakuku and Other APC Chieftains just arrived with heavy security. They have moved into the Police station and right now, as you can see, there, is the Governor of Rivers State standing. We are yet to get full details of why Mrs Ekwi is here.
"Again, you can see the Transport Minister Rotimi Amechi and other APC Chieftains coming out of the Station with the INEC Officer and they just took her away. We'll get you more details as soon as we get them.
Thank you."
From above reports, which is the best practice?
This situation also reminds one of how Channels TV threw dead bodies of each Boko Haram bomb blast on the screen for the world to see how GEJ was hopeless and clueless. They drew so much emotions that they almost made me chant "Change".
Today, Channels TV is no longer throwing those scenes. They hardly mention it. They have suddenly accepted insurgency as a part of us.
Channels TV, you are the worst TV station! I say so because your reports are eschewed".


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