Monday, March 07, 2016

Facebook User Wants to Know about the Amendment of the Constitution and Herdsmen Use of AK47 as Guard Stick.

This is a question I believe so many others are asking whoever cares to listen with so much controversy surrounding the Fulani's herdsmen in various part of the country, such as Jesse, in Delta State and Agatu, in Benue State, where many deaths  have been recorded.
"Question by facebook user: When was the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria amended to allow these fulani herdsmen carry AK47 assault rifle as a control guard stick for cattles? And to use it at will not to "control" the cattle they are herding but to slaughter innocent, defenceless and law abiding citizens whose crops and properties are being destroyed by these savages and their beast?
Just an innocent question....‪#‎amNoPartisan"

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